• Navigate gender + sexuality issues like a pro

    advisory for forward-looking leaders

  • Worried and a little thrown off by how to handle the current gender terrain?

    Concerned about messing up in this #metoo era and having a costly, devastating mistake on your hands?

    You're not the only one: mixed signals are at an all-time high!

  • Get clear, confident and effective when it comes to gender & intimacy dynamics

    Comprehensive & Confidential Advisory for Progressive Leaders

    What if I told you it's possible to leverage sexual energy with integrity and INCREASE personal and professional success?

    • Do you battle feelings of desire for women who work for you, and wonder how to effectively navigate awkward and potentially dangerous situations with them?
    • Feeling frustrated and attacked by women’s response to you and other men around you?
    • Learn to transmute the very human and real desires you feel into MASTERY & FULFILLMENT for your life and never worry again about missteps with women in professional or social settings

    Building Mastery

    I hear you. I get it. And I'm your ally in this.


    I advise forward-thinking executive male (and female) leaders on how to masterfully navigate gender polarity and sexuality dynamics at work and in life.


    I’m here to hold a nonjudgmental, confidential space for you to share concerns and receive expert guidance.

  • About Me

    Rebel clinician, sex educator, healer, adviser and entrepreneur

    Anita Teresa

    Founder of Embodied Intel and the Sex & Medicine Summit

    I'm passionate about helping people find wholeness through mastery of their sexual energy (i.e. creative life-force), so they can wield power with integrity. I also believe that when men and women experience greater harmony with one another, the world will be a much happier, healthier place!


    My clients and students have ranged from refugees, cancer and brain surgery patients, to Wall Street bankers, psychiatrists, athletes, musicians, and billionaire hedge fund managers. I’ve heard it all.


    Truly no story or admission can shock me. I’m weirdly comfortable with what most people find difficult or painful to talk about.

  • One-on-one

    Nonjudgmental, insightful, inspiring, compassionate

    Modalities I use

    Beyond coaching

    Embodied leadership coaching; mind-body techniques; guided visualization; role play (I use this one a lot, it's the magic bullet!); Sage Method coaching, mindfulness and many more.


    Most of my work takes place remotely but in-person sessions can be arranged as well. Book a confidential initial consult free of charge to experience my approach.

    My approach

    Privacy & safety

    My clients routinely tell me how they feel safe, met, seen, understood. Some of the most difficult things get easily expressed...things often held inside for years.


    I incorporate many years of clinical expertise in helping clients through high intensity crisis and transition, such as facing surgery, divorce, the collapse or launch of new business ventures, and in navigating intimate problems.

  • Join me at the cutting edge of change in how we as a society master working relationships, sex & power

    A little back-story:

    The Sex & Medicine Summit


    After years of integrative clinical work in hospital settings, I founded the Sex & Medicine Summit in 2014. This arose out of the clear need for more sexual wellness education among health care professionals. And also, to provide the medical community permission to be HUMAN!


    The Summit was very well-received in its first iteration, actively engaging 8800 medical professionals in the first launch. We went on to reach tens of thousands more health care professionals in following 3 years.


    In 2018 I began bringing this education to the workplace setting. That leads me to the present, where I’ve developed training for workplaces on issues such as boundaries, feedback, consent, communication and power dynamics. Learn more about that HERE.

  • Results others have gotten...

  • Meet Daniel, Zach, Gerard & Rudy

    *names changed to protect identity

    Entrepreneur Relationship Troubles

    Daniel came to me because he was worried about his new business, which wasn’t going well. As it turns out, his business partner was also his ex-girlfriend. As we went deeper into the inquiry process, what really needed attending to was his heartbreak from ending the relationship with her. The conflicts they were having as business partners mirrored the conflicts they had in relationship, naturally. When those things began to resolve and heal through our work together, business shot through the roof. He met another woman shortly thereafter and fell in love.

    From Struggling to Sexual Mastery

    Zach wanted to learn more about sexual mastery after struggling in and eventually leaving a 10-year marriage where he was having little to no sex. He was also simultaneously in a compromising business situation with a company halfway across the globe. Hungry to shift things, he eagerly set to work doing the practices I gave him. Within months he had met the woman of his dreams, moved countries, left the untenable consulting job for a much better one, and was traveling the world with his new love. Motivated? Yes. Willing to consistently do the work? Absolutely. Results: 100%.

    Former Biz Exec turned Healer & Sexual Explorer

    Gerard, a former business executive-turned-healer, came to me wanting to learn about conscious sexuality and incorporate it into his work as a healing arts professional. His pre-existing leadership skills as an in-demand global retreat facilitator expanded to include the confidence, integrity and skill to address sexual issues with his students without embarrassment or shame. He went on to become certified in various related modalities and is a sought-after guide in this arena. His is a skill set most men and women never get around to developing in their lifetime, and it’s all too common for spiritual leaders to become embroiled in corrupted dynamics around sexuality that destroy people and businesses. Gerard is now the exception and stand-bearer for a new way of doing things.

    Sexless Marriage to Frisky Wife

    Rudy was unhappy with his body and in his marriage, where he didn’t feel desired and where his wife rarely if ever responded to his sexual invitations. Through our work together, we gently uncovered the deep shame buried below these feelings of dislike toward himself, and worked to transmute them into confidence. Then came the day he wrote me and said, “I can’t believe it! My wife actually initiated sex with me today! It’s been many months, maybe years since that happened!”

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  • Why sexual mastery? Why embodiment? What's so important about getting this "right?"

    Embodied men and women who are integrated and masterful in their sexuality carry a unique charisma and relaxed potency as leaders. This augments effectiveness in every other area of their lives, increasing creativity, aliveness, and fulfillment!

  • In the words of former client Jim...


    What is your life like today as a result of the work?


    My life is much better for the time I spent working with Anita. I practice the exercises I learned from Anita and I feel more in touch with my energy.

    What would you say to someone on the fence of working with Anita?


    DO IT! To be honest I was quite skeptical myself but I am now so grateful I had the courage to take the first step. I would encourage anyone thinking about it to take that step as well.

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    All information shared during private consults and any further engagements will remain confidential.  
    We do not sell, trade or provide customer or clients information to third parties.